Summer Exam Session under COVID-19 Rules

Please find below important information regarding the summer exam session, and read the student's guide on online exams.

  1. Due to the precautionary measures connected to the emergency of COVID-19 epidemic, the exams of the summer session (from May to July) must be arranged online. It is possible that this method would also be applied for the September session, unless significant improvements in the situation will occur. The final decision on the September session will be announced in the coming weeks.
  1. The description of the new exam methods will be available on the Elly page of the individual courses, no later than the 6th of May.
  1. In general, the dates of the exams are confirmed. However, organizational issues may require some date shifts. Check regularly the dates available on Esse3 platform and any possible updates.
  1.  It is conceivable to imagine that for many exams it will be necessary to distribute the students on multiple turns. Once the registration lists are closed, you will receive information about this from the professor.
  1. Considering the different organizational needs required by the new exam arrangement, you will be allowed to register for the exams up to 5 days before the exam date. Take note of this new deadline, because if you are not registered by the deadline you will not be allowed to take the exam. Please do not ask for exceptions because, given the organizational complexity of the session, they cannot be granted.
  1. To avoid confusion or unnecessary overload, do not book for the exam if you are not sure you’ll take the exam. You can unsubscribe from the exam list up to 5 days before the date of your exam call. If you decide not to attend the exam when registration is closed, send an email to the professor to inform him/her of your absence. It is very important, for organizational reasons, to avoid the presence of entries that do not correspond to an actual participation at the exam.
  1. At the end of the registration period, you will need to upload the copy of your ID or passport to the One Drive folder created by the professor. Concerning to this, I invite you to read the “online exam guide” provided by the University (
  1. To upload the copy of the document, you will have up to 2 days before the exam date.
  2. If you do not upload the document within the deadline, you will not be allowed to take the exam (also in this case it will not be possible to grant exceptions).
  3. The link to the folder will be provided by the professor via email to your University account.
  1. Possible exams’ turns will be communicated by the professor by email at least the day before the exam, as well as any other information about how to attend the exam.
  1. If you have not already done, it is essential that you register to the Elly page of the courses you intend to take the exams, for two reasons: as mentioned above, you will find on Elly the description of the exam’s procedures; In addition, some professors will organize the exam on the Elly page of the course. If you are not subscribed to the page, you will not be allowed to take the exam (even in this case it will not be possible to grant exceptions).
  1. Students with BES, DSA or other special certified needs are kindly requested to contact the Le Eli-che service, so that they can communicate the necessary information to the professor. Contact the professor on time, to get to know the specific modalities to perform the exam. Do not wait the day of the exam: it will not be possible for the professor to organize a different way if he/she will not receive information in advance about your situation.
  1. For all the other organizational aspects and guidelines, please refer to the University Guide.