Instructions for pre-admitted non-EU students

The following instructions are for non-EU applicants who have already passed the pre-assessment procedure. 

If you have recently passed the selection process for the academic year 2020/21 by our academic admission committee and received our pre-admission letter to the MSc course in International Business and Development (Italian acronym: LM IBD - Laurea Magistrale in International Business and Development), the following information is necessary to complete the VISA procedure.


In the past years, the pre-acceptance letter was sufficient for you to go to your nearest Italian Embassy/Consulate and start your student VISA procedure. We used to send by certified email to Embassies/Consulates the list of admitted students.


Effective from this Academic Year 2020/21, the procedure to start the VISA issuing process has changed and takes place online through the government-run Universitaly website.


This page contains instructions for you to start the VISA procedure and enroll with our University.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at least for the first semester of this year, you will be able to take our courses and exams even from your home through the internet, thereby delaying your physical arrival to Italy by as long as needed for the COVID-19 emergency to end. Instructions to take courses, mostly through the Microsoft Teams platform, will be provided to you by email at due time.


Taking online courses will be possible even before the completion of your VISA process and official university enrollment. The following instructions tell you how.



1) register to the University of Parma  platform (called ESSE3) in order to create a personal account at this page (on the top-right menu bar select "eng" for English).

This way you will get:

- your Italian TAX CODE (calculated from your personal data)

- your University of Parma ID number.

These will both be required in step B.



Now you have to Pre-enroll through the Universitaly portal. The Pre-enrollment procedure applies to all Non-EU applicants living outside Italy who need a study visa type-D to enter Italy for enrollment in an Italian University.

To do that, you must:

2.1) register to the Universitaly platform in order to create a personal account at this page.

2.2) now pre-enroll, click on "new pre-enrollment application"


STEP A: Your personal data are filled in automatically from your Universitaly account. Select the academic year 2020/21


STEP B: Visa Application


  • select your country
  • select your Embassy/Consulate


Course Information


  • Institution: select "Università"
  • Institution Name: select "Università degli Studi di Parma"
  • Tick English Language
  • Course type: select "Laurea Magistrale"
  • Course name: select "International Business and Development"
  • ID account at the chosen University / AFAM / Institute: enter here your
  • University of Parma ID from point 1.



The final recipient of the Universitaly pre-enrollment documentation is not (only) the University you apply for (which is just required to VALIDATE if the documentation inside Universitaly is ok for enrollment), but the Consulate/Embassy that will issue your VISA. Hence upload here the same qualifications (=documents, in pdf) that you uploaded on the LMCE online application website. Include also a copy of our pre-acceptance letter.


DEADLINE: you should apply early enough so as to get your VISA by Nov 30, 2020.


As soon as we at the University receive your pre-enrollment application through Universitaly, we will VALIDATE your application inside Universitaly, and your selected Embassy/Consulate will receive official notice of such a validation.

You also will be notified of our validation.

At that point:

i) you will be enabled to take online LM IBD courses when they start (so make sure you get validation before the starting date of classes, namely, September 14, 2020) and

ii) you will have to contact your selected Embassy/Consulate where you will have to finalize in person your visa issuing.


Even if you already contacted your nearest Italian Embassy/Consulate and handed in your documents to start the VISA issuing process, we advise anyway you to follow the above online procedure through Universitaly, since for embassies it is the  online VALIDATION by the university through Universitaly that gives them the "green light" signal to keep processing your VISA request.


NOTICE: this pre-enrolment procedure does NOT guarantee any right to obtain a visa for study purposes and it does not imply any right to the subsequent enrolment, which will only be finalised once all the provided academic qualifications have been evaluated and all the administrative steps have been finalised.



Once you get your study VISA you can finalize your enrollment through your ESSE3 account on the University of Parma Website. Do it before Nov 30, 2020.

Instructions are available here, look for "OPEN ACCESS COURSES"