Students enrolled in 2016-17

YEAR 1 or YEAR 2

 Subjects currently available: Student option webpage

  • Communication skills (3 credits)
  • Student option: one of the following courses (8 credits)**
    •    Urban and local policies
    •    Rural development
    •    European economy
    •    Introducing economics*
  • Final dissertation (14 credits)***


For students who do not have a background in economics (i.e. graduates from any degree class except L-16, L-18, L-21, L-33, L-36, L-37 ) the exam “Introducing economics” must be taken as compulsory course.

** Graduates of degree classes L-16, L-18, L-21, L-33, L-36, L-37 may apply for an internship as an alternative to the optional course, where indicated by the IBD academic coordinator and subject to the approval of the Department of Economics.

*** The Final examination consists of a written dissertation, theoretical or empirical, focussing on a topic related to the degree course.


YEAR 1 – Subjects taught in 2016-17